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June 5, 2012

Did I just say “butter power?”  I meant to say butter POWDER! But it’s all the same, really. Information is power. So here’s the scoop (no pun intended) on that powdered butter you are wondering about.

#1 Question: Can I use it like butter?

Answer: Yes, according to Internet info, you can use powdered butter as a substitute and as a flavoring.

#2 Question: I’ve just opened a #10 can (yikes) of powdered butter. How can I keep it good until I use it up.

Answer: Here’s what I’m trying – I’m scooping the butter powder into quart glass canning jars and sealing them with my Food Saver jar sealer. I will store those jars in my cool, dark pantry and shoot for using them within the one year shelf-life the product source gives me. If I didn’t have the Food Saver, I’d still use the jars with a sterile lid screwed on tight and perhaps set them in my deep freeze, although the recommended storage temp is 53-75 degrees F. I’ll let you know in a year or so how this all works out.

Read more about how to  use butter powder at

Warning: whenever you  go to a website link, steel yourself to look only at the information, in this instance, on butter powder – not the peanut butter icing or the cocoa powder link which could take you who knows where. You’ll end up like Alice in Wonderland, staring at the Cheshire Cat. I’m just saying…


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