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Pressure canning make you nervous??? Me too.

August 16, 2012

Is it the thought of exploding green beans or spaghetti sauce on the kitchen ceiling? Or is it the concern over toxic organisms growing, silent killers, in your beautifully bottled garden produce?

If you are  nervous about the whole PRESSURE canning aspect of food preservation, you owe it to yourself to visit for further orientation and steps for a successful pressure canning experience. The site is a great tutorial for  fraidy-cat new-comers as well as careful kitchen- dwellers pulling out the pressure canner once again.

Phoning a friend who pressure cans is not such a bad idea either. If you visit her kitchen and watch her work, you’ll soon feel sufficiently confident and ready to give the method a try. And, wow, what variety and flavor will appear on your pantry shelves.

Check out the entire Pressure Canning page from our “Food Preservation” Class.

Happy canning, Nancy

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