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Aluminum Foil – an “ESSENTIAL”?

September 8, 2012

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In our July, 2012, Cooking on the Palouse class, aluminum foil was put into use multiple times as we explored alternative cooking methods. We lined our Dutch ovens with it. We used it as ground cover for building a cooking fire. We wrapped food in foil to place over coals or on a grill. AND we saw a variety of solar ovens lined with aluminum foil.

In storing basic items for emergencies, we think of food, water,  shelter and warmth (appropriate clothing, bedding, and fuel supply in winter). In the mix somewhere are additional “ESSENTIALS.” For example, in other 2012 classes, we talked about plastic bags or wrap for freezer storage, extra canning jars and lids, vitamins, salt, yeast, and my personal essential, chocolate.

Aluminum foil sounds like a strong candidate for the essentials in our pantry.



  1. Anonymous permalink

    Nancy, I found the website! Awesome! Bonnie Wischmeier

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