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Illness IS an Emergency!

January 7, 2013
Keep these handy

Keep these handy

by Wendy Kays

You know how unlikely it is to find supplies you need during or after an earthquake or hurricane. It’s a traumatic time to be out of something you need. Think now – how much fun was it to go shopping last time you had a flu or cold? You ached all over, your nose was running like the Mississippi, and thanks to a fever, you’re were freezing one minute and burning the next. Traumatic. A simple Flu Kit will almost eliminate the chance that you’ll be out of tissues or medications just when you need them.

Before the bug going around gets to your house…

…make aFLU KIT!

Steamy, comfort food

Steamy, comfort food

Stock up on boxes of tissue. Buy or freeze your favorite soup, and keep it on hand. All the things you need will last for quite a while in storage: Juice, popsicles, Tylenol, decongestant, throat lozenges. Do you know where your humidifier is? Is it cleaned up from the last use and ready to use? If you have children in your house who tend to get sick in the middle of the night, gather up the old towels to store under each bed. During flu season, make their beds in layers. When you hear “I’m going to throw up” in the middle of the night, grab a towel instead of the kid. The mess disappears instantly, and can go into the wash. And if they miss and hit the sheets, you strip off the top layer and a warm second one is ready right underneath for immediate re-settling. Cover the pillow, the upper sheets and the area right around the side of the bed with towels just in case you aren’t fast enough next time. Towels and sheet layering are also great for adults who are soaking with fever sweat (or nighttime runny noses), but can’t drag themselves up to change pillowcases, let alone the bed.

Just like tornadoes, sickness hits with little warning. When a seasonal flu rolls through town, convenient and favorite stores can sell out of medicines to treat it. Buy ahead, and when you bring that pharmacy bag home, write the expire dates on your calendar while you have it all right there. When you see that the cough syrup is expired, replace it, and dispose properly of all expired prescription medications you have at the same time. When you’re feeling better, check the bottles you used to make sure there’s enough for another round of illness. If not, put fresh ones on your grocery list. Check your tissues, soup, juice and popsicle supply every fall when you get a flu shot, at New Year’s, and after your yearly checkup with the doctor.

Illness is an emergency. Be prepared for it.



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