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For as [she] thinketh in [her] heart, so is [she]. Proverbs 23:7

March 4, 2013

the Thinker - RenoirIn our sometimes-ninety-miles-an-hour day, we long for the next time we will have a quiet moment. “I just need a moment to myself to think!”

Do “moments” ever come? Of course they do, but some go unnoticed because they are unexpected. We haven’t prepared for them. We drive right over the top of them.

Evaluate the use of a moment you’ve had recently. Maybe you used it to catch up on social media? Snag a segment of favorite entertainment? Read a short article? Clean out the diaper bag? Stare out the window?

Ask yourself, “Exactly how am I using my moments?”

HELPFUL:     Considering        Deciding               Forgiving              Evaluating

Praying           Planning          Pondering           Yearning         Resolving            

NOT SO HELPFUL:    Fretting        Stewing           Regretting    Zoning

REALLY NOT HELPFUL:    Judging        Doubting      Resenting           Grumbling

Consider making a “to-think-about” list. It can be a mental list – just one or two important subjects on any given day that you need to consider. Do it in the same manner that you create your “to-do” tasks, your grocery list, or the errands you don’t want to neglect? Just as those errands take you to different parts of town, your thoughts take you to different places in your life, sometimes critical places. AND when I’m trying to get errands done, I feel frustrated when I wander.

So, do I mentally wander around? Might I design a way for my moments to yield more satisfaction, more joy? Let’s find out together!

UNPLUG              If I am continually tuned into media  – whether it is music, talking, or both – I have less chance of having a thought of my own.

ASK A QUESTION            

What is the most important thing for me to do today; this week; this year???

What is my biggest challenge right now? And how might I begin to chip away at it??

Is there someone who needs my help today? And what help is most appropriate?


  • ·         The scriptures are thought-provoking.
  • ·         Study of great men can be thought-provoking. While in his late 20s, Benjamin Franklin listed thirteen virtues that he felt were important guides for living. He took the action of carrying a piece of paper in his pocket listing one of the virtues that he desired to work on that week. He most likely did some serious thinking as he felt and remembered the value on that scrap of paper. His virtues were temperance, order, resolution, frugality, moderation, industry, cleanliness, tranquility, sincerity, justice, silence, chastity, and humility. Read a little more about Benjamin Franklin and his virtues at
  • ·         In addition to the scriptures, other sources of information can be spiritually connecting and thought-provoking. Elder William O. Nelson, an Apostle and leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day , presents the following thoughts on the power of values – a personal power Benjamin Franklin and others have undoubtedly sought over the years.

“FOCUS ON VALUES”                                                     Liahona, November 2011

“Knowledge brings power; purity brings power; love brings power. We want you to have the power to become all that the Lord wants you to become. You’re growing, you’re changing, and you are in charge of what you will end up being.

I don’t think it makes any difference whether you are a furniture salesman, a surgeon, a lawyer, or an architect. Any worthy occupation, whatever suits you, is wonderful. But what really matters is what you are becoming.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I have integrity? Do I have purity? Do I have love? Do I have compassion? All of these attributes are beyond measure. And as you think about and live by the attributes of the [these] values [and others], they will help you become all that you can be.”

Find this entire article at



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