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June 19, 2013
Colorado Springs, June, 2013

Colorado Springs, June, 2013

It is raining today. And for many here on the Palouse, the Colorado Springs Black Forest fires are a distant news item. Maybe you have heard that the blaze is now 75% contained and you put your mind at rest, if you thought of the reports at all.

Once upon a time, our family enjoyed camping, sight-seeing, and Scouting in the beautiful forested country of El Paso County, Colorado. I can clearly imagine watching as fire moved into the campgrounds and neighborhoods north of Colorado Springs. You can read some of the details of the effects of the Black Forest fire on local residents at

There are no words

There are no words

Here are wise words from the LDS Colorado Springs North Stake President Kevin C. Woodward:

“It’s a great reminder for each of us. When you’re forced to leave your home at a moment’s notice, not knowing whether or not everything you leave behind will be destroyed, you really take inventory of what’s important, what you really need, what you don’t need, so you can take those things and move quickly,” Woodward said. “It’s a good idea for everyone to think through their priorities and in a spirit of preparedness, be ready to grab what they really need and value and just go.”

In my preparedness files, I find “Living with Fire,” a guide for homeowners on how to prepare for wildfires such as the one effecting Colorado Springs residents. The title of the brochure is a carefully crafted reminder that echoes President Woodward’s comments. We live with potential for disaster every day of our lives. We will benefit from the exercise of reviewing our priorities “in the spirit of preparation.”

With that in mind, will you take a few minutes to review some of the basics of preparing for fire in your home, neighborhood, or community?

Palouse vulnerabilities

Palouse vulnerabilities

Simple tips for around your home

Broader principles

2011 Blog with thorough evacuation preparedness checklist and great pictures .

Last but not the least!!!

The latest, greatest brochure available on the Idaho FIREWISE website, “Make Your Home Sweet Home a FIREWISE One.” I ordered enough to distribute to my neighbors.





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