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Dutch Oven Tips

September 25, 2013

Mark and Debra Miles are  Dutch oven veterans. Mark was kind enough to present a very brief primer on Dutch Oven Cooking at our July, 2012  COOKING ON THE PALOUSE class. The following is basic start-up information put together by the Miles. On the page, “Dutch Oven Basics” , you can find a little more fleshing out of the process.

The 14 inch Dutch oven  is the most common and useful size

Start with minimal investment: Dutch oven, charcoal, charcoal starter and starter can (made from #10 can – punch holes in bottom sides for air circulation),  lid lifter (a pair of pliers will do), gloves (leather work gloves are okay; longer leather gloves are better).

Cook with an friend for fun and additional support. Ask around for favorite recipes. Go for the online recipes like Mark and Debra’s as well. The more you cook, the more you’ll like cooking with a Dutch oven.

Under the Dutch Oven: plain dirt has a certain amount of moisture – not so helpful with charcoal. Use a sheet of aluminum foil, a piece of metal sheet, a concrete or brick surface.

Dutch ovens can be lined with aluminum foil for ease in cleanup. This is especially useful when cooking desserts with high sugar content.

When cleaning, do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads. Use a plastic scraper, similar to cleaning non-stick surfaces. Use a light amount of oil and a rag or paper towel to wipe the oven clean. Do not leave oil residue that can easily go rancid when stored.

Aluminum Dutch ovens are great – lightweight; mostly used by outfitters; don’t transfer the heat quite as well; more expensive.


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