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Dutch Oven Cooking

January 22, 2015


I have a plan to prepare meals in the event of a power outage.   Y    N

I have a Dutch oven, charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid.           Y   N

I have taken a short workshop class from Mark Miles on Dutch oven cooking.    Y   N

I have practiced using my Dutch oven skills within the last six months.                 Y   N


4 “NO’s” – Get out your New Year’s Resolutions and add: “Make plan for cooking during a power outage.”

“NO” Dutch oven – If you don’t have an alternative plan, consider borrowing or, better yet,  investing in  a 12 OR 14-inch Dutch oven.

Dutch  oven is your choice, but  “NO” on the workshop from Mark. Put April 11, 2015 on your calendar. Mark Miles will repeat his Dutch oven workshops at the 2015  Palouse Preparendess Fair in Moscow , Idaho. (If you haven’t considered Dutch oven as an alternative cooking method, taking Mark’s class would be a good way to assess  this cooking strategy for your family.)

Something Dutch-Oven-tasty comin' right up!

Something Dutch-Oven-tasty comin’ right up!

“YES” to Dutch oven cooking and preparedness, but “NO” to practicing. Clear a spot in your winter outdoor space and cook something Dutch-oven-tasty soon and regularly. Invite the grandkids or the neighbors over if you need help consuming your creation(s)!

Go to Mark’s  Chuck Wagon Supplies recipes for lots of great (and proven) ideas to practice on.

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