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Happy New Year!!

January 11, 2016

Well, of course! I sincerely wish all of you a wonderful, fulfilling 2016 graphicyear!

Let me tell you what to expect in 2016 and how to avoid any unsettling events that may be coming your way…

Hold on a minute. None of us can know just how this next year will unfold; what the personal emergencies will be; when and where the unexpected disasters will sweep through. But we can take counsel from the voices of 2015.

The voice of WILDFIRE

Last August, many in the Western US were affected by the drought and ensuing wildfires that raged. Some fared well. Some fared poorly. Some lost everything. Mitigating circumstances were not the same in all areas, but three principle actions contributed to a more successful outcome for property owners and their loved ones.

Protect Property – create a defensible space.

Create a plan – review the guidelines for wildfire season preparation

Prepare to evacuate – build an emergency Go Kit

But it’s cold outside now and summer is a long way away. Never mind!!!  It is similar to planning your garden and ordering your seeds; OR calendaring your vacation and setting aside funds for the trip. You can study out and counsel with family what you can do now to prepare.

Do not procrastinate. If you do not think DSC_0284the location of your home or property is vulnerable, think of a friend who’s property is. Pass this reminder along.


Coming soon!






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