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Citrus – a simple post

April 4, 2016
Sweet, sweet citrus

Sweet, sweet citrus

I love citrus fruit. This time of year, I can still buy oranges and grapefruit that taste fairly decent.  I think of shopping for citrus in “season” as use it before I lose it. I say “season” because international markets provide some citrus all year round. But I find the biggest bang for my buck with the US grown citrus. 

#1 Grapefruit can be sliced in half and eaten by scooping out sections with a spoon. There are nifty grapefruit spoons with a serrated edge on Amazon for cheap. But check your most local culinary supply store as well. On the Palouse, that would be Tri State.

#2. BUT Grapefruit can be peeled and cut it into sections or slices and served just like you would an orange. Keep in mind, the bitter pith on oranges and grapefruit, often avoided, provides up to 4 times the nutrition as citrus that doesn’t have the pith.

As far as cost goes, oranges could be close in cost comparison with bananas. The banana can often have a slightly higher peel-to-fruit weight ratio than an orange does. (Do I sense a great science fair project for some kid?)

Bottom line on this post – eat and enjoy fresh fruit, whatever the variety!


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