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Cleaned the Fridge Today

November 25, 2016

BLACK FRIDAY – day to clean the refrigerator out!

I could have picked on a sunny Saturday (procrastination) or a blue Monday. But, I really NEEDED TO clean up

What about you?? The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are peak times of refrigerator use. (Need I say more?)

I won’t go into specifics on what makes the coldest spot in my kitchen “dirty.” But here are a few possibilities that just might be universal.

  • Something has spilled or leaked
  • Lost leftovers are waiting to be found
  • Found leftovers are waiting to be identified
  • Identified leftovers are waiting to be eaten or tossed o
  • Fruits/veggies are no longer “fresh”

Where to start? Gather strength, or a helper, or both! to help avoid getting sucked into doing more than “cleaning, taking inventory and tossing.” Preparing a work space and clearing out the sink could just help end that vortex. NUMBER ONE TIP: take care of that work space preparation a day or two before you take on the refrigerator. You’ll want the counter for items to be saved and returned to their place. You’ll need the sink for washing outsides of containers and soaking containers that have been emptied. Work spaces done? Attack.

  1. GATHER TOOLS: Liquid dish soap, small wash clothes, larger towels, BLUE sponge for scrubbing, spray bottle or commercial Kitchen Cleaner in spray bottle, razor (hardware store variety), small bucket or pot, old toothbrush
  2. Put on MUSIC.
  3. Double-line a SMALL TRASH CAN for discarded items. (Not everything is swiftly disposed of in a garbage disposal.)
  4. Place OLD BATH TOWELS on counter. Just toss towels in laundry when done.
  5. Put a BIG TOWEL on the floor in front of the appliance.
  6. BEGIN with your stickiest / most crowded / or most avoided shelf or drawer. Sort as you unload: keep, toss.
  7. If possible, REMOVE DRAWERS AND SHELVES, one at a time. Take to sink; wash down with hot, soapy water and let soak. RULE; never take out an appliance part that is stubborn. You may have difficulty getting it back in.
  8. IF THE DRAWER OR SHELF WILL NOT COME OUT, use a spray bottle with soapy water OR your favorite commercial kitchen cleaner and wet down surfaces you are going to wash off. You will also use this spray method to wet down the refrigerator walls.
  9. WAIT to return drawers and shelves until all of the interior is washed out.
  10. WASHING OUT THE INTERIOR: place a small pot or bucket filled with hot, soapy water at the fridge (saving back-and-forth time to the sink). After spraying down and “soaking” the interior, use a mildly abrasive BLUE SPONGE with scratchy surface on one side to scrub. Use a RAZOR (hardware store variety) to  remove stubborn, stuck on food or dried up syrupy run-off on shelves or in bottom of fridge. Be very careful with the SHARP TOOL!!  Use the TOOTHBRUSH to scrub cracks and edges.
  11. USE SMALL CLOTH to wash off shelves and drawers and other interior surfaces. Use a LARGER TOWEL to remove food particles and dry off refrigerator parts and walls.
  12. FINISH washing and drying any parts you have been soaking at the sink area and return to refrigerator.
  13. RETURN food, condiments, and other refrigerated items to your refrigerator.
  14. CALL FAMILY MEMBERS OR ROOMMATES to look at AND admire the results.This invites a moment of silence  as they gaze at a CLEAN AND ORGANIZED refrigerator!!!!! (You can use this type of gathering any time a member of your household successfully completes a big or challenging chore 😉

Oh yeah,  I wish this refrigerator were available in my household size…




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