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More New Stuff at the Home Storage Center

December 4, 2016

New products!!! Well, updated products…

NON-FAT DRY MILK used to come in the #10 cans, like all of the other dehydrated productsimg_1651. But no more. It is now packaged in a Mylar pouch similar to the Hot Cocoa packaging. You may or may not be aware that the dry milk is not rated for a longer-term shelf life. The recommendation for use is within two years of purchase. This packaging serves as a reminder of shorter shelf life. The current product yields 29 one-cup serving.

img_1652For readers interested in the Nutrition Facts of the DRY MILK package, here they are.

HOT COCOA     The Home Storage Center now offers a new (and may I say, IMPROVED) hot cocoa mix. It is, reportedly, the recipe used by the img_1667Marriott .Hotels. According to the Spokane folks, Mr. Marriott himself said that the recipe would be a well-received improvement over what many of us thought was a pretty good hot chocolate mix. In case you feel like you can’t keep track, check out the picture of the old packaging and the latest variety of Hot Cocoa standing side by side. I can say, after tasting it myself, that the new version is an amazing improvement. It quickly dissolved with none stuck to the sides of the mug; tasted smoother and creamier; and it left no cocoa in the bottom of the mug when I finished. This package of hot cocoa mix yields 27 one-cup servings.

img_1668The final addition/upgrade to Home Storage Center products is the BERRY DRINK MIX. It replaces the “orange” drink mix available for so many years. The ingredients do include sugar, but in defense of progress, there is no artificial food coloring – only dehydrated grape juice. There is a smattering of minerals and vitamins in the mix and artificial flavoring – mixed berry flavor, maltodextrin, and modified food starch. There are 41 one-cup servings in this product.

A link to the order form and prices on these products can be found on the website under Food Storage. Address and directions to the Storage Center are given on the website.

The Spokane Home Storage Center is open on Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.


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  1. CarolK Kampenhout permalink

    Hi Nancy,
    Is there an ingredients/nutritional list available?

    Thanks ☺

    • There is, Carol. I snapped a picture of the back of the bag. Unfortunately, it’s on a picture file on my laptop that just froze up today. As soon as I have that available, I will ship that to you.

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