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Let Us Anew, our Journey Pursue

January 1, 2017


Much like the sun, moon and stars in our sky, our individual lives move forward in a pattern of eternal rounds. Every year contains birthdays of loved ones, Sundays of devotion, holidays of joy and reverence, partings with a little pain, harvests in autumn, quiet in winter, flowers in spring and warmth in summer.

Can we benefit from taking note of and building on these annual blessings? I say yes. Can our greetings be sweeter? Might our devotion be brighter? Should our shadow of love and our arms of caring sweep more broadly?

In  a wonderfully silly movie, Groundhog Day, the main character, Phil, is caught in a bizarre cycle of repeating the same day over and over, experiencing similar scenes and encountering the same people. At first, a nightmare, the day ultimately becomes a device to carry Phil towards improvement and greater happiness. In the same way Phil improves his piano playing with more practice, it is possible for us to make small changes in our journey through deliberate practice each year.

Can I practice starting my tomato seedlings just a little earlier, send out my Easter greetings with the diligence I give to Christmas cards, hang out my American flag on June 14th, be on time to church, put sun screen on every day? At the sweetest level, maybe my phone calls to elderly parents and aunts will be more frequent, and my smile more immediate for all I meet.

Come, let us anew, our journey pursue

Roll round with the year and never stand still

‘Till the Master appear.

His adorable will, let us gladly fulfill

And our talents improve, by the patience of hope 

And the labor of love.

                                                                                    ~Charles Wesley






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