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Crazy Weather Ahead – Hope AND Prepare.

January 16, 2017

power-outageWith the snow we have had here in the Northwest, and with higher temperatures, wind and rain predicted in the upcoming days, there are issues you NEED TO BE AWARE of and PREPARE FOR.

#1 POWER OUTAGES – A visit to the website will remind you of preparations you can take to ease the stress of a power outage. We’ve had 6-8 hour outages; we’ve had 6-8 day outages. SO HOPE FOR THE BEST; PREPARE FOR THE WORST.

POINTS site does not address upfront:

  • STORE WATER – 1 gallon per person per day. Get tips on Water Storage here.
  • HAVE FOOD ON HAND that does not require cooking or refrigerating after opening.
  • DO NOT ASSUME that putting meats and dairy products that need refrigeration out in a snow bank (or other snowy/cold location) will be enough to maintain that food at the required 40 degrees F or below for safety. You can put food into a cooler/ice chest with snow packed around it. HOWEVER, the snow should be clean; the cooler should be in a shady spot; the cooler should be checked regularly; a thermometer should be used to monitor the interior temperature of the storage area. Dairy can be consumed as soon as possible. Neither dairy or meat should be consumed if storage temps rise above 40 degrees F for longer than 2 hours.
  • MAKE PLANS AHEAD OF TIME to shelter with a friend, relative or at another location if your home does not have an safe alternate source of heat such as a wood stove.


NO BRAINER – don’t wait until the power outage to review this important information. Print off valuable guidelines and planning tips and put them in a notebook labeled “Emergency Preparedness”


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