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Why the Home Storage Center changes?

In 2013, all but 12 of the Church’s 101 home storage centers in the U.S. and Canada, moved away from the self-canning set-up so familiar to LDS and non-LDS folks alike. These facilities have been converted to a store-styled facility where the same items pre-canned or prepackaged are now available at no additional cost.

Changes had been considered for some time as the Church  looked at the best way to provide home storage goods more efficiently to Church members.

While many individuals enjoyed self-canning at the home storage centers, the advantages of providing pre-canned or prepackaged goods include:

  • EFFICIENCY: It is more efficient and cost effective for the Church to produce and ship high-quality, pre-canned or prepackaged goods in bulk rather than ship the same goods and empty cans to a location where individuals can them on their own.
  • SPACE: By offering the goods pre-canned or prepackaged, the Church utilizes less warehouse space.
  • QUALITY & SAFETY: Pre-canned and prepackaged operations allow for higher quality and safer preparation of product
  • COST: It is much more costly to maintain and upgrade facilities that must meet food production standards (such as in a self-canning operation) than it is to maintain a facility that simply distributes pre-canned and prepackaged food.
  • TIME: Volunteer personnel time can be used more efficiently.

(Information taken from July, 2013 LDS Press Release)

A list and location of all LDS Home Storage Centers, including those that still offer dry pack self-canning can be found at

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