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Oh Fooey…

The word is accurately out: the Spokane Home Storage Center is NO LONGER STOCKING five items listed on the BULK portion of the Home Storage Order Form.


It hurts my heart, but it’s a fact. Look for those items in #10 cans as listed, on the order                                                       form, at the same facility.

And I won’t blame you at all for not “Like-ing” this post.

Citrus – a simple post

Sweet, sweet citrus

Sweet, sweet citrus

I love citrus fruit. This time of year, I can still buy oranges and grapefruit that taste fairly decent.  I think of shopping for citrus in “season” as use it before I lose it. I say “season” because international markets provide some citrus all year round. But I find the biggest bang for my buck with the US grown citrus. 

#1 Grapefruit can be sliced in half and eaten by scooping out sections with a spoon. There are nifty grapefruit spoons with a serrated edge on Amazon for cheap. But check your most local culinary supply store as well. On the Palouse, that would be Tri State.

#2. BUT Grapefruit can be peeled and cut it into sections or slices and served just like you would an orange. Keep in mind, the bitter pith on oranges and grapefruit, often avoided, provides up to 4 times the nutrition as citrus that doesn’t have the pith.

As far as cost goes, oranges could be close in cost comparison with bananas. The banana can often have a slightly higher peel-to-fruit weight ratio than an orange does. (Do I sense a great science fair project for some kid?)

Bottom line on this post – eat and enjoy fresh fruit, whatever the variety!

Happy New Year!!

Well, of course! I sincerely wish all of you a wonderful, fulfilling 2016 graphicyear!

Let me tell you what to expect in 2016 and how to avoid any unsettling events that may be coming your way…

Hold on a minute. None of us can know just how this next year will unfold; what the personal emergencies will be; when and where the unexpected disasters will sweep through. But we can take counsel from the voices of 2015.

The voice of WILDFIRE

Last August, many in the Western US were affected by the drought and ensuing wildfires that raged. Some fared well. Some fared poorly. Some lost everything. Mitigating circumstances were not the same in all areas, but three principle actions contributed to a more successful outcome for property owners and their loved ones.

Protect Property – create a defensible space.

Create a plan – review the guidelines for wildfire season preparation

Prepare to evacuate – build an emergency Go Kit

But it’s cold outside now and summer is a long way away. Never mind!!!  It is similar to planning your garden and ordering your seeds; OR calendaring your vacation and setting aside funds for the trip. You can study out and counsel with family what you can do now to prepare.

Do not procrastinate. If you do not think DSC_0284the location of your home or property is vulnerable, think of a friend who’s property is. Pass this reminder along.


Coming soon!




Spokane Home Storage Updates!

Now would be a good time to inventory your long-term food storage and update your goals. There are many resources for canned and bulk commodities, one being the LDS Home Storage Center in Spokane. Here’s the latest news from their managers.

Store shelves after regional emergency

Waiting sometimes leaves little choice…


All items formerly hand-packed are now available in #10 cans with the exception of hot cocoa, non-fat dry milk, pancake mix and potato pearls which come in Mylar packaging.

Also for sale: water bottle with filter, $14.00.  These filter up to 200 gallons of water and remove 99.9% of contaminants. Read more…

Dutch Oven Cooking


I have a plan to prepare meals in the event of a power outage.   Y    N

I have a Dutch oven, charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid.           Y   N

I have taken a short workshop class from Mark Miles on Dutch oven cooking.    Y   N

I have practiced using my Dutch oven skills within the last six months.                 Y   N


4 “NO’s” – Get out your New Year’s Resolutions and add: “Make plan for cooking during a power outage.”

“NO” Dutch oven – If you don’t have an alternative plan, consider borrowing or, better yet,  investing in  a 12 OR 14-inch Dutch oven.

Dutch  oven is your choice, but  “NO” on the workshop from Mark. Put April 11, 2015 on your calendar. Mark Miles will repeat his Dutch oven workshops at the 2015  Palouse Preparendess Fair in Moscow , Idaho. (If you haven’t considered Dutch oven as an alternative cooking method, taking Mark’s class would be a good way to assess  this cooking strategy for your family.)

Something Dutch-Oven-tasty comin' right up!

Something Dutch-Oven-tasty comin’ right up!

“YES” to Dutch oven cooking and preparedness, but “NO” to practicing. Clear a spot in your winter outdoor space and cook something Dutch-oven-tasty soon and regularly. Invite the grandkids or the neighbors over if you need help consuming your creation(s)!

Go to Mark’s  Chuck Wagon Supplies recipes for lots of great (and proven) ideas to practice on.

Cold Weather Safety!

Baby, it's cold outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Winter Outdoor Safety Checklist:

  • Dress warmly and stay dry
  • Understand wind chill
  • Avoid exertion
  • Avoid ice
  • Be safe during recreation
  • Be cautious about travel
  • Recognize hypothermia

For the rest of this important posted COLD WEATHER reminder, go to the 2013, January  post!

THE HOLIDAYS – cooking with children

A few years back, a dear friend asked for help in preparing a turkey for family members who would visit her at Thanksgiving. She explained that she had never prepared “the big bird” at holiday time or on any other occasion. To further define her cooking acumen, she confided to me that during her first year of marriage she cried when her newly-wed husband requested a grilled cheese sandwich, and she did not know the first step to take. I shared my favorite, fail-proof turkey-roasting method with her and her Thanksgiving dinner was an enjoyable success.

I may not be able to do pie crust yet, but I sure can roll out this flour!

I may not be able to do pie crust yet, but I sure can roll out this flour!

Being able to produce something tasty is an act of service that stands unique and basic in the same breath. Just how does a parent (or grandparent) foster the ability and confidence to create in the kitchen, or other settings conducive to the cooking effort? May I first say: if the adult lacks cooking skills her or himself, let them go along on the journey! Here’s a seasonal start.


Holiday cooking: this  is where tradition invites participation. Family recipes, favorite menus, all can be set up with child/youth inclusion and involvement in mind. Read more…

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