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LDS Spokane Home Storage Center Use

Introductory Video from the Home Storage Center Page.

OPEN SALES – LDS & non-LDS welcome – Schedule as of September, 2016

  • Friday,        10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday,    10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Location: 9423 East 4th Ave. Spokane Valley, Washington. Take the driveway on the left of the building (Bishop’s Storehouse and Church Distribution) to the parking area in back. The entrance to the Home Storage Center is on the back of the building. Walk in.

NOTE: Your Home Storage Order Form  should be dated February 1, 2017

Order Form—United States (Download PDF)

 REMINDER: a Mylar pouch impulse sealer and a #10 can sealer are available to members of the Moscow Idaho Stake. Contact Nancy Heward,, for information and arrangements.


The Garden City (Boise) Home Storage Center still conducts patron canning. Soooooo, if you’re going to Boise, call ahead and get the current hours of operation, and double-check for can availability. This blogger has personally stuffed 10-12 boxes, 6 cans per box, into her 2001 Honda Civic. This Boise Center is located at 604 E. 46th St., Boise, Idaho 83714.  Phone: 208-375-7893.

  1. george cook permalink

    where can I buy #10 cans

    • Good question. Patron canning still takes place at the Garden City Home Storage Center located at 604 E. 46th St., Boise, Idaho 83714. Phone 208-375-7893 for. This Home Storage Center usually has #10 cans and lids available for purchase. Call ahead for Center hours and availability of canning materials. I will make put this information in a more prominent spot on the above page. Thanks for checking in.

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