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A Cautionary Tale

The summer afternoon grew darker. A storm was brewing on the horizon. If I had checked the weather channel, I’d have learned ahead of time about the high wind warning. Suddenly the blackening clouds were upon us. Lawn chairs flew off the porch; hats blew into the next county; trees were bereft of large limbs; transformers arced; power lines were severed. I checked in with my power provider – expected relief was at least twelve hours away.

I would settle in with a good book, by flashlight if necessary. But first I called several of my neighbors.

“Do you have bottled or stored water on hand?” Most answered, “a little.” My next-door-neighbors with three grade-school children answered, “We have no water.” Just the idea of no available water turns me into a mentally parched and emotionally dehydrated wisp of a human being! A 12-hour stretch with a thirsty 5, 8 and 11 year-old – not tolerable.

“I’ll be right over with a 2.5 gallon picnic jug of water. Do you think you can make that last until bedtime?” It was the solution the neighboring parents desperately needed.

Stored bottles filled with water can proved several days of water storage.

Stored bottles filled with water can proved several days of water storage.

Do not take water availability for granted – ever. Go now and fill even small containers with tap water and put them in an accessible place. Does it seem like too much for just you, or the two of you? Consider the neighbor’s children.

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