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“Preparedness Gifts”

gift of foodHere are ideas for “preparedness” gift giving

        – some we’ve given; some we’ve received!

  • pressure cookers – good for quick cook meals for busy mommies
  • money for food storage
  • filtration water bottles for Emergency Go Bags
  • hand-crank grain mill
  • a case of #10 cans of commodities; or a case of any size cans of food that will serve well in an emergency
  • One #10 can of a special item: honey, powdered eggs, freeze-dried strawberries…
  • swimming lessons
  • three-month health club membership
  • hand-crank radio/flashlight/cell-phone charger!
  • camping equipment
  • emergency car kits, first aid kits
  • boots, shoes and other winter outer wear
  • the book Total Money Makeover
  • kid-backpacks loaded with supplies for an emergency Go Bag – snacks good for 6 months
  • big packs of socks!


Just as with any gift, consider hobbies, likes, new interests.

Outdoor grill guy/gal – choose from a selection of awesome seasonings for outdoor cooking to add variety to grilling capabilities. What about an extra tank of propane or a couple bags of briquettes to extend the use of the grill in the event of a power outage?

Fledgling cook/canner – a case of pint or quart canning jars filled with non-perishable commodities such as rice, popcorn, beans,  etc. that can be used before the next harvest.

Family with children

A case of their favorite boxed or canned dinner -familiar, easy-to-prepare foods are a great comfort for children in a time of emergency,

A gift of cash (small bills) for each child to take on the next grocery shopping trip. Instructions: purchase food items they can wrap and put under the tree for their gift to the family. Warning:  a round package that looks and feels like a cabbage is probably a cabbage and should be refrigerated until Christmas eve.

Building a “Meal in a Jar”

Homemade food-gifts in a jar – this can be a family made project. There are lots of websites with ideas and recipes. Tip: try the recipe yourself before gifting. Then you know how good your gift is. If you want to get started right away, here’s one source. See the December post that includes my two favorite “Meal in a Jar” recipes for giving.

Use your imagination and have fun

There is no rule against asking a person to make a choice from a short list, or asking them how their supply of (fill-in-the-blank) is. You might even consider circulating a “Preparedness Needs” survey as you would a Christmas wish list among family members for gift ideas. Ours has a lines for “Under $25,” “Under $50,” Under $100” and so forth.

Happy Preparedness gifting, Nancy

  1. Jennice Severson permalink

    Have been doing this for years for our family as Christmas gifts.. The first year I put in a can of Hot Chocolate, powdered Milk, Pop corn, Oatmeal, Sugar. And some backed goodies all made from my food storage, with the recipes. The baked goodies was for their Christmas morning breakfast. They are all married with children of their own-and are passing the Gift of food storage onto their children.
    Thanks for your wonderful web site.
    Jennice Severson

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