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SIX MISTAKES in Food Storage Plans

1.    Not enough variety

“Food fatigue”- when you’re tired of beans and rice, you will benefit from some chocolate popcorn. Oh, go on. Put chocolate on that shelf!

“Stressful times”- emergency or disaster conditions raise everyone’s stress level, especially children.

Comfort foods, familiar or favorite menus, something quick can be helpful.

“Allergies”-don’t go away in an emergency. Don’t eat something you would otherwise skip.

2.    Not enough extended staples

Beyond grains and beans, think of items that will improve your variety and comfort: cornmeal, popcorn, interesting pasta shapes, cocoa, quick Gelatin &Pudding type deserts, to say nothing of yeast, spices, herbs, etc.

3.    No Vitamins 

Multi-vitamins, vitamin C – Your mental, emotional and physical well-being benefit when you have good nutrients you might miss in stored foods.

4.    Too much of one thing

When building your storage, purchase a variety of items rather than a large quantity of one item.

5.    Wrong storage containers

 Moisture, insect, rodent and other contamination challenges can be generally alleviated by storing food in proper containers. Food grade buckets and #10 cans are desirable. Mylar pouches and bags are generally dependable, but obviously have vulnerabilities, seams and surfaces that can be compromised. Don’t use toxic trash can liners in buckets. Also helpful: storage space that is not subject to temperature extremes and the pesky challenges listed above.

6.    Store and forget

Sure, your guide says “Good for 30 years,” but that doesn’t excuse you from the motto: USE and ROTATE

Regardless of the time your food storage can sit on the shelf, you will be happier if your food storage is incorporated into your menu somewhat regularly. The old adage, “Store what you eat; eat what you store” comes to mind. This is where you become more capable and, may I say, talented, with variety, cooking techniques and recipes that will help with Mistakes 1 and 2.


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