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There are no scheduled  Preparedness events at this time.

If you are interested in hosting an informal presentation on Emergency Preparedness and/or longer term Preparation for Life, let us know!

Email for possible content and scheduling. We design content that you are interested in.

OR visit and study topics from this website to make your own presentation to your friends, church groups and, yes, family members :).

March, 2016

We targeted Eastern Latah County with a Preparedness event that included a Happy 70th Birthday for Smokey Bear. We gathered at the Troy, Idaho, Fire Hall and shared information on family preparation for emergencies.

Moscow Fire DeptApril, 2015 

We held the Palouse Community Preparedness Fair in Moscow Idaho

  • We enjoyed the Dutch Oven cooking classes, we learned about Bystander CPR and we visited Community and County Emergency Services Displays

  • We also received information and displays on food storage with menu building, water storage, alternative cooking, family emergency planning, emergency GO BAGS, amateur radio emergency communications, local emergency services, and more.

SUMMER, 2014

We developed a traveling Family Preparedness “show” that we took to Troy, Deary and Bovill during their community days of gathering. 

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