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FREEZER MEALS – Start to Finish

30 meals in 5.5 hours from planning to freezing

1. Plan and choose 10-15 recipes.  Make shopping list –10 recipes, 3 x;  15 recipes, 2x  ingredient amounts                                                                                1 hour

3. On Day 1 (Friday?) Collect coupons and go shopping – non-peak time          2 hours

4. On Day 2 (Saturday morning?) – assign  and carry out jobs:

(a)    cook meat           (b) chop veggies        (c) collect spices, bags, marker         2 hours

5. You will assemble each recipe at least twice                                                         30 min

6. Mark directions on meal bag and stack meals in freezer                                    10 min


A great site for freezer meal recipes (scroll half way down until you see “The list of dinners is as follows:”

AND from the same blogger, a list of great Freezer Cooking tips

An ENTIRE MONTH of whole-foods healthy recipes for freezer meals. (It also changes every month):

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